Warren elementary school
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Warren Staff

Jill Requarth Ronsman

Contact Ms. Ronsman by Email

Office Support

Mrs. Lisbeth Romero
Office Manager
Contact Lisbeth Romero by Email


Mrs. Karen Gastelum
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Health Office

Caroline Knight
School Nurse
Contact Caroline Knight by Email

Ms. Rita Bradford
Health Assistant
Contact Rita Bradford by Email


Specialty Teachers

Ms. Mary Keefer
K-2  Ex Ed self-Contained
Contact Mary Keefer by email

Ms. Caroline Champange
3-5 Ex Ed Self-contained

Travis Barney
Natalie Figueroa
K-2 Ex Ed Self-contained Teacher Aides

Jeanine Burno
Erica Hardin 
3-5 Ex Ed Self-contained Teacher Aides


Mr. Joshua Floyd
Contact Joshua Floyd by Email
OMA Teacher 



Support Staff

Mrs. Mary Quinones
Community Liaison
Contact Mary Quiñones by email

Ms. Erica DePenna
Contact Erica DePenna by email

Ms. Laurie Elling
Curriculum Service Provider
Contact Laurie Elling by email

Mrs. Nicole Loaiza

Contact Nicole Loaiza by email

Ms. Luz Barrandey
Reading RTI Teacher
Contact Luz Barrandey by email

Mrs. Ana Kaphingst
Ex. Ed Resource
Contact Ana Kaphingst by email

Ms. Guadalupe Lendo
Library Assistant
Contact Guadalupe Lendo by email


Speech Clinicians   

Cafeteria Staff
Ms. Carol Lee
Ms. Mary Ramirez

Mr. Mario Chu
Ms. Maria Parades

Mr. Jose Roman

Mrs. Angelica Caballero


Ms. Jacqueline Aranda
Contact Jacqueline Aranda by email

TA Ms. Adriana Encinas

Contact Adriana Encinas by email


Ms. Dionne Fernandez
Contact Dionne Fernandez by email

Ms. Lizbeth Broussard

Contact Lizbeth Broussard by email

Grade 1


Ms. Katherine Castro Hernandez

Contact Katherine Castro Hernandez by email

Grade 2

Ms. Sue Keller
Contact Sue Keller by email



Grade 3

Ms. Sereslinda McGee
Contact Sereslinda McGee by email

Ms. Hope Nealson 

Contact Hope Nealson by email

Grade 4

Mrs. Isabel Hanna

Contact Isabel Hanna by email 


Mr. Hector Rodriguez

Contact Hector Rodriguez by email

Grade 5

Mrs. Abbie Callahan

Contact Abbie Callahan by email

Ms. Carrie Moline

Contact Carrie Moline by email

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